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Bridget and Caradoc's Coronet

Fina's County Coronet

Fina's Superhumeral

Fina's Temple Pendants

Jurgen's Laurel Medallion

Various Coronets

Berwyn's Coronet

Gwyneth's Reliquary Medallion

Sugarloaf Helmet

Darren's Greathelm

Jurgen's Stainless Greathelm

Sterling Silver & Enameled Brooches

Natan's Baronial Coronet

Dore's Belt Fittings and Does's Grace Pin

Reliquary Pelican Medallion

Reliquary Laurel Medallion

Enameled Laurel Medallions

Aurelia's Baronial Diadem(Nickel Silver and Agate)

Enameled Gold-Plated Sterling Silver Reliquary Cross

Amethyst and Sterling Silver Reliquary Cross

Jurgen's Spur Mounts

Jurgen's Belt Fittings

Jurgen's Completed Belts

Midrealm Crown Enamels
I was asked to refurbish one pair of the Midrealm crowns.  During cleaning the old enamels disintegrated so I replaced them with these.  
They are nearly identical to the originals.

Anne's Baronial Coronet
The coronet was orignally a baronial coronet made by Crafty Fox.  Anne asked me to add a viscounty look to the coronet and this is the result.

Household Brooch

Ainesleah's Laurel Circlet 

 Squire's Belt

Vlad's Baronial Coronet 

Typhaine's griffin brooch

Pennsic stock items

Compass Rose Castings

Gold plated Copper Enameled Cross
Total Height - 8 inches

Northshield Crowns
Complete photos of all four coronets can be found here.

Hroder's Coronet

Aesa's Coronet

Anglo-Saxon shield Boss - raised from a single sheet

Churburg Breastplate for Bob Charron

Helmet for Bob Charron

Gauntlets for Bob Charron

14th Century Brooch

Simple Ring Brooch

Griffin Brooch

Enameled Plaque

Fina's Necklace

Castle Rouge Coronet's


Raised Shield Boss

Evan's Helmet


Hot Raised Gauntlet - partially completed

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