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This page contains a small sample of the pieces that I have made over the years.  If you are looking for coronets or circlets, go here.

Two sets of 13th century belt mounts I made for myself.  They are based on examples found in the book Dress Accessories.

These are a set of earrings In sterling silver that I made for sale in the By My Hand booth at Pennsic.

This is a laurel medallion made for Mistress Leyla ibnat ash-Shamaal.  It is based on an extant Islamic medallion. The crescent is a vitreous cloisonné enamel.  The rest of the piece is made of sterling silver. The stone at the top is lapis.  It was completed February of 2001.  

Larger Image

This is a pelican medallion made for Master Sayf Al-Qamar Tarik ibn Abdul.  It is based on the same medallion as the one above.  The birds are a vitreous cloisonné enamel.  The rest of the piece is made of sterling silver.  It was completed in the summer of 2001. 

This is a reliquary pelican medallion made for Countess Gwyneth Felton.  It is made of sterling silver, enameled and gold plated.  The back side of the reliquary has a gold griffin on it.  The motto around the otside edge is Welsh for "Do the little things".

Inside View
Both sides

This my champleve lenamel laurel medallion.  It is gold plated sterling silver.

This is a Byzantine style temple pendant, also gold-plated sterling silver

This is a set of superhumeral plaques made for Countess Fina.  They are all gold plated sterling silver, with amethyst, garnet enamels and pearls. 

Plaque 1
Plaque 2
Plaque 3
Plaque 4
Plaque 5
Plaque 6

An enameled laurel medallion made in the summer of 2003.

A Byzantine reliquary cross.  Gold plated sterling silver and enamel.  Made in the summer of 2003.

Inside View
Partially open view

Another Byzanine reliquary cross.  Sterling silver and amethyst.  Made in the summer of 2003.

View 1
View 2

Another Byzantine style reliquary.  This one is single sided, gold plated sterling silver.  Made in the summer of 2003.
Yet another Byzantine style reliquary.  Also single sides, made of gold plated sterling silver.

This is one of a series of heraldic brooches I made in the winter of 2003/2004.  This particular example is the arms of my wife's household.  It is made of sterling silver and enamel.
This is one of a pair of brooches given Vicountess Anne Geoffreys of Warwick and Master Geoffery of Warwick upon their stepping down as Baronn and Baroness Nordskogen in January 2003.  They each received a snowflake as an augmentation of arms for their long service.  This brooch is his arms with the snowflake added.  Sterling silver and enamel.

This is the second brooch, with the augmented arms of Vicountess Anne Geoffreys of Warwick.

Strawberry leaf hairsticks.  Sold through By My Hand Designs.
14th Century Brooches
Girdle Book for Countess Gwyneth Felton.  This was a group project and it is her Country "scroll".  I did all of the metalwork.

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